Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a pilates class last?

Each Class is 60 minutes


This is my first time at Pilates of Jackson, should I do private sessions first?

No, unless you have injuries or restrictions a private session is not required. We specify in group setting workouts. You don’t need any previous Pilates, yoga or dance experience to attend a class, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The first class is never your best class, and everyone has been a first timer. 


How often should I attend classes to see results?

How often to attend classes depends on the individual. Find a steady routine that works with your body. We recommend 3 classes per week to see results while allowing your muscles to properly repair and recover.


Is Pilates a complete workout, or do I need to add something else to my exercise routine?

Pilates is a total body workout, strengthening and sculpting the body and increasing range of motion. However, we do recommend adding a cardiovascular element to your routine, such as walking.


Can Pilates improve balance?

As the body goes through stages of aging it is natural to notice some changes in balance.  Yes! Pilates is a great form of exercise to help improve your balance. In order to improve balance, you have to have good movement in your ankles and hips and a strong core. Balance doesn't just deal with muscles and flexibility, it also has deals with listening, vision and the total awareness of your body.


How can I learn more?

Contact us by calling, or e-mail us for more information.